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PayPal as Gift Payments

How To Send PayPal as a Gift Payment

Sending PayPal as a Gift payment allows sellers to offer products at a reduced cost because PayPal doesn't charge recipients a processing fee for Gift payments.  Sending PayPal as a Gift is easy.  Please follow these 7 steps to send PayPal as a Gift payment.

Step 1.

Log into your PayPal account as you normally would do to check balances or other activities.  Go to www.paypal.com and enter your login information.


Step 2.

Click the Send Money Tab (see picture below)


Step 3.

Click the Personal Tab (see picture below)


Step 4.

By default the Gift circle should be checked but if not then make sure to click Gift circle. (see picture below)


Step 5.

Enter our PayPal email address paypal@smalltownwholesale.com and the dollar amount you wish to send. (see picture below)

After you enter our email address and the amount click the Continue Button.


Step 6.

Scroll down the page and find the Message Box.  Please enter your order number in this box. (see picture below)


Step 7.

Double check the email address (should be paypal@smalltownwholesale.com), the amount of money you're sending (should match your order total) and that you've entered the Order Number (sent in order email to your email address - check your junk/spam box if you cannot find it in your inbox).

If everything looks correct click Send Money and you're done.