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Choosing Correct Shipping Method

Choosing the correct shipping method on FreeCouponClippers.com is an easy and simple process.  Before we explain the shipping methods I think it's best we cover the payment methods.  Once you determine the payment method you're going to use then choosing the correct shipping method makes perfect sense.  Let's begin:

Payment Methods on FreeCouponClippers.com

To accomodate all our different listings and wide variety of customer needs we have many payment options.  Currently we accept, Checks, Money Orders, Stamps, SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes for RAOK Listings Only), PayPal, PayPal as a Gift Payment, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and Concealed Cash.

To keep our prices at the lowest possible and to avoid setting minimum order or minimum item quantities we must pass processing fees through our shipping modules for payment methods that cost us processing fees.  We think it's unfair to raise our prices to everyone to cover processing fees for customers that wish to use PayPal or Credit Cards to pay for their orders. Many of our customers are accustom to paying PayPal as a Gift payment or other payment option for coupons and those don't cost us transaction fees.

Because of the limitations of our website we're unable to charge a surcharge for Credit Card or PayPal payments on the payment page.  So our delinma was to either cover the transaction fees either in raised product prices or shipping prices.  We didn't want to build it into the product prices because there was no way to remove the markup for customers paying with methods that don't have transaction fees.  Our solution was to create more shipping options.  One option says Shipping (PayPal or Credit Card) and it's a small bit higher than our second option which is Shipping (PayPal as Gift, MO, RAOK, Stamps) which is straight shipping costs. So now customers paying with payment methods that don't cost us transaction fees receive the lowest overall pricing.  Customers paying with PayPal or Credit Card will pay a bit more to cover the transaction fee that PayPal charges when you don't send PayPal as a Gift or the transaction fee charged by our Credit Card Processing Bank.

Here is a screenshot of our Payment Methods you'll find on our website during checkout



Here is a CORRECT match up of Shipping (PayPal as Gift, MO, RAOK, Stamps) to either payment method "Mailing Check, CC, Stamps, MO or SASE" or "PayPal as Gift Payment".



Here is an INCORRECT match up of Shipping (PayPal as Gift, MO, RAOK, Stamps) to "Visa, MasterCard, Discover" or "PayPal" payment options. These orders do not ship, are canceled and payments refunded.



Here is the CORRECT match up of Shipping (PayPal or Credit Card) to "Visa, MasterCard, Discover" or "PayPal" payment options.



I hope that clears up why our shipping methods are the way they are and if you ever have any questions you can always contact us here. Choosing the correct shipping method for your preferred payment method will ensure your order is processed and shipped promptly.  Thank you for your understanding.