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New Coupons Added Today! Coupon Life Cycle Details

Posted on 7th Aug 2011 @ 7:44 PM

Sorry for the long delay with website updates. We've been so busy running the store and working on various web projects.

We've made some subtle changes to the way our website works.

Here are the details:

Many customers are purchasing expired coupons by mistake. Even though we list the expiration date it's probably a given that if the item can be ordered that it's not expired (not true but assumed by many). We left expired coupons available on our website for people that are able to use expired coupons.  That caused confusion.  We've changed the way the website now handles expired coupons. Here is the current cycle of a coupon on our website:

  1. Inserts are first added without individual coupons from inserts available.
  2. Within a week the coupons from the latest inserts are clipped, scanned and made available on our website to purchase.
  3. 7 days before the coupon expires the coupon is put on sale and reduced by 10%.
  4. When the coupon expires it is moved from its active category to the Expired Coupons category.
  5. Once it arrives at the Expired Coupons category it has its Add to Cart button removed (so you can't order it) and displays a message to Contact Us if you can use this expired coupon and want to order it.  To Contact Us you can just click here and please email us with the Coupon SKU and the quantity you'd like to order.  We will check inventory to make sure we still have them available and respond to your email as soon as possible. 
  6. Typically in about a week or two after coupons expire we mail them off to Coups for Troops so Military families can use our expired coupons.

We hope this clarifies the life cycle of our coupons and believe the new changes will prevent customers from accidentially ordering expired coupons.